As an accomplished real estate agent and broker for more than 20 years, I know what it takes to create a powerful connection between the buyer and their prospective new home.  Nothing is more important than the first impression.

As a professional photographer, I leverage my background and extensive experience of the buying process to compose and capture compelling images that allow potential buyers to experience the most attractive and unique details of your properties.

Let us bring into view the lifestyle and best highlights of your property listing with photos that are beautiful and realistic.   

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EXTERIOR / INTERIOR    (30-40 Images)                                              $ 250

TWILIGHT SHOTS   (2-3 Images)                                                            $ 200 

AERIAL IMAGES  (3-5 Images)                                                                $   50                            

AERIAL VIDEO                                                                                            $ 300 

VIDEO SLIDESHOW + MUSIC                                                                  $   25 (90 Second Video)

VIDEO CLIPS + STILLS + MUSIC                                                             $   75 (90 Second Video)

FULL VIDEO + MUSIC                                                                               $ 300+ (Video Length TBD)


LEVEL (1)  PHOTO PACKAGE: $300                                                   (SAVE $25)

Exterior/Interior; Aerial Images (3); and Video Slideshow

LEVEL (2) PHOTO PACKAGE:   $500                                              (SAVE $75)

Exterior/Interior; Twilight; Aerial Images (3); and $75 Video Slideshow

LEVEL (3)  PHOTO PACKAGE: $600                                              (SAVE $150)

Exterior/Interior; Twilight; Aerial Video 

Licensed and Insured

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